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The Geo Group of Companies
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Welcome to Geoholiday Club, In our continuing effort to offer you the most diverse vacation experiences, we are pleased to announce the addition of 6 new resort destinations to your Club. Each of these properties is now affiliated with GeoHoliday for its membersí to use. To inquire about or make reservations for any of these locations please contact Member Services at 1-877-894-1793 or

Geo was one of the first organizations in the world to embrace the 'vacation club' system and is widely recognized as one of the leaders in the global vacation ownership industry. Home to two unique clubs, "GeoHoliday" (a multi-destination points-based club) and "GeoPremiere" (a multi-destination 'floating week' club), The Geo Group and its marketing partners have successfully introduced over 10,000 Member families to its program and now facilitates over 50,000 vacations per year. All Geo Members' vacations are custom-designed and personally arranged by a team of professional vacation counselors utilizing the industry's most sophisticated computer network.

The Geo Group's development companies acquire resort properties which are, in turn, leased by the developer to the vacation clubs for the benefit and use of their Members as a whole.
In 2002 GeoHolidays introduced its newest evolution in vacation ownership, GeoPlus. GeoPlus provides its members with the all the flexible features of Geo Holidays along with the popular RCI Points program. RCI Points allows GeoHolidays members to exchange their Geo Holiday credits for accommodations at over 3,700 affiliated resorts within RCI. It also provides exchange opportunities for other holidays and leisure options such as airline tickets, cruises, hotel stays, car hire and more. The GeoPlus product provides GeoHolidays members with the best options available in vacation ownership today!

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